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"I had a Quartz crystal massage the other day and it was great. The combination of the warmth and the quartz crystals was really comforting.  I was feeling achey after a heavy duty gardening session and the treatment cleared all of the aches and pains.  I came away feeling physically and mentally rebalanced."


"Hi, Just to say how much I enjoyed my recent Thermabliss Lava Shell massage.  I had a full body massage and was really impressed with the feel of the shells.  The warmth was so therapeutic and comforting - especially in this gloomy weather.  Particularly nice was when lying on my back, the heated bed and heated eye mask left me feeling relaxed and uplifted."


"I had a Bamboo massage at Holistic Touch. It was a wonderful experience as it was a full body massage. It helped relax shoulders and detox my body and the next day my ankles had lost their puffiness and my body was less bloated.  I would highly recommend this treatment."

F. Jones